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We are so glad that we got to have Holly at home. For us, it was the best option for everyone - for Martin and I, for Andrew and Delphi, for her grandparents, uncles, aunties, friends but especially and most importantly for Holly. She felt safe and secure surrounded by everyone and everything that she loved. Holly by sea - Small.jpg... Read More
“Emma’s going off to the moon”. This was the ingenious way three and a half year-old Billy Heffernan found words to explain his infant sister’s passing. His dad Fergie had just broken it to him that Emma was ‘going’. So now every night Billy waves at the moon and tells Emma he loves her. Emma_Heffernan for website.jpg... Read More
In early 2012, Brian and Sharon Thompson were told their only and beautiful daughter, Victoria, was going to die. But as well as coping with that, they also began to realise they would have to fight to secure the best end-of-life care for her.  Victoria and Dad.jpg Victoria arrived into this world on September 27th,... Read More