Your Stories

When your child is first diagnosed, you bury your dreams and later you need to imagine new dreams. Because every man has a dream about his son – that he’ll play hurling for Limerick, rugby for Munster. That he or she will be a doctor, a musician, whatever you want your child to be. So you have to go – that’s not going to happen, so now I have to... Read More
Mary says that she had always associated respite with nursing homes and was very apprehensive but as they were introduced very gradually they eventually came around to the idea and went up to see the unit....The first time they went up Michael was terrified at the thought of being left on his own but because she was able to go with him and stay... Read More
When our oncologist broached the idea of palliative care, she pointed out that it was not an admission of defeat. The care would step in and help as necessary, and step out when no longer needed. Even so, at the time we thought that it was the beginning of the end. Our perspective has changed since then. We take nothing for granted; we know that... Read More