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My daughter Katie was born in 2010 at 31 weeks so she was premature. She was in hospital for the first six months of her life. After a lot of tests, we got a diagnosis of mitochondrial disease which we had never heard about before and we were told that it was a life-limiting condition; there was no cure. A colleague of my husband’s in his work... Read More
A Place I Consider BeautifulWritten by Conor (16yrs)A place I consider beautiful may seem strange but to me it is the most beautiful place in the world. It is the place where my sister sleeps in a covered wooden bed with her favourite toys and a picture of my family, her blanket, earth and her precious flowers. It is her grave. mum and... Read More
The term ‘life-limiting’ is infused with sadness, worry and heartbreak. But most families who have children with a ‘life-limiting’ condition turn that diagnosis on its head. And if ever a couple embodied the inherent contradiction between what the words mean – and how a family copes – it's the Murphys.  Caoimhe Murphy Resized for web.jpg... Read More