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A Place I Consider BeautifulWritten by Conor (16yrs)A place I consider beautiful may seem strange but to me it is the most beautiful place in the world. It is the place where my sister sleeps in a covered wooden bed with her favourite toys and a picture of my family, her blanket, earth and her precious flowers. It is her grave. mum and... Read More
The term ‘life-limiting’ is infused with sadness, worry and heartbreak. But most families who have children with a ‘life-limiting’ condition turn that diagnosis on its head. And if ever a couple embodied the inherent contradiction between what the words mean – and how a family copes – it's the Murphys.  Caoimhe Murphy Resized for web.jpg... Read More
When your child is first diagnosed, you bury your dreams and later you need to imagine new dreams. Because every man has a dream about his son – that he’ll play hurling for Limerick, rugby for Munster. That he or she will be a doctor, a musician, whatever you want your child to be. So you have to go – that’s not going to happen, so now I have to... Read More