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Hi, I’m Sam and this is my daughter Isabella. She’s nine. Isabella was born with a rare neurological condition called Aicardi Syndrome and she was diagnosed at four days old. So when we got Isabella’s diagnosis, it was like our world was turned upside down. You know, we’d gone into hospital to have our second child. We were very excited to... Read More
I’m just on my way down to pick Aideen up from the Special Care Unit which she attends Monday to Friday from 9 till about half 2. And Aideen’s Special Care Unit, this week are having their fun week so I decided to dress up as Captain American to try and fit in with them all down there.Aideen is 12 now and when she was born we never got a diagnosis... Read More
Ann-Marie: When Katie got out of hospital, she had a central line in so we had a visit from the community nurse, quite regular. And she knew, the community nurse knew that we were … not struggling … we were glad to have Katie home, but when you don’t have that medical [team] behind you at home, you know, you were used to that nine months in... Read More